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IT Risk Management, Compliance, and Governance

Organizations large and small face increased expectations from regulators, vendors, and

customers.  Paired with an increasingly complex and risky IT environment, an information mishap could interrupt or hinder reaching your business goals.We identify your organization’s key risk factors and develop cost effective measures to protect your information, manage your requirements, and mitigate your risks.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Management cannot anticipate or prevent all contingencies or disruptions.We prioritize your key business functions, recognize recovery dependencies, and develop plans to avoid business stoppages and limit the impact of an unplanned event upon your operations, staff, and customers.


Business and Technology Alignment

Despite management’s best efforts, information technology personnel and department managers often have different perceptions of what is important to the enterprise, causing them to act on different sets of priorities. We identify where and why these differences exist and provide the perspective and an independent voice to develop a shared understanding of the real issues to gain support and alignment.


Strategic Planning Support

Our independent point of view, challenging your business process, assesses the big picture, cuts through the complexity of competing needs, and identifies unforeseen risks and opportunities helping you make the best decisions to guide your business.


Strategic Planning Workshop (Facilitation)

Some issues or decisions have the potential to create conflict within an organization, and the big stick approach will not guarantee buy-in.Using proven facilitation techniques, we provide the carrot to bring out diverse opinions and redirect them into workable strategies for a common resolution.


Operational Risk Management

If your business processes are not constantly adapting to your changing realities, the risk of

inefficiencies and errors increase.We assess your business processes and identify ways to

reinvent the way your organization meets its goals while reducing the likelihood and impact of errors, increasing efficiency.

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